Flexible AMOLED Display

From the latest technical of Huawei on the Mate X, China has big success on a technical of Flexible display and 5G telecom.
Flexible display refers to the display technology designed for ultra-thin, ultra-light, and flexible products on the base of a flexible substrate. mobile phone can be worn on the wrist, tablet computer can be folded into a small pocket, and TV can also be rolled up like a scroll.



Active matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) is an organic light-emitting display device mainly consisting of a substrate, a TFT-driven array and OLED light-emitting device (metal cathode + organic light-emitting layer + anode). It is an ultra-thin device with fast response time, wide view angle, and high contrast, which is suitable for flexible display technology. AMOLED, with polymer plastic or metal foil as its flexible substrate material, has a strong anti-bending capability and can realize dynamic bending display or even folding display. It has broad application prospects in smart phones, wearable devices, and automotive devices.

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