LCD screen wiping method

In our lives, few people pay attention to the method of wiping the LCD screen, so today let the industrial display manufacturers introduce the cleaning method of the LCD screen!

1. Turn off the power of the LCD screen and remove the power cord plug and graphics card connector.



2. Move the LCD screen to a place with good natural light so that you can see where the dust is, which is more conducive to achieving better cleaning results.

3. What kind of cleaning is used on the LCD screen? No special solution or cloth is needed to clean the LCD screen. With the experience of small series, water + soft lint-free cloth or pure cotton lint-free cloth is the best LCD cleaning tool. (It is OK not to lose the paper towels). When cleaning, use pure cotton lint-free cloth to rinse the water and then wring it out slightly, then gently wipe the dust on the display with a slightly damp soft, lint-free cloth (do not force the display), it is recommended to wipe from the display when wiping Wipe one side to the other until it is completely wiped clean. Don't wave it. Tip: Do not wipe with hard cloth or hard paper. At the same time, do not use detergents containing alcohol or acetone or chemical-containing detergents, and do not spray liquid directly onto the screen to prevent liquid from penetrating into the protective film.

4. What kind of rubbing is used on the LCD screen? After cleaning the LCD screen with a damp soft and damp cloth, clean it with a damp cloth that has been screwed dry. Finally, let the water vapor on the LCD screen dry naturally in a ventilated place.

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